Sunday, 28 October 2018

Competition Results 2018

Here are the results of the competitions for 2018.

Target Bowls                                                 Sam Sloan, S. Gethings

Competition                                              Runners up                                       Winners
Municipal League                                    Drovers                                            Post Office

Mixed Rinks                                B. Newman, A. Parry                        E. Thomas, S. Gethings
                                                   A. Jones, Gerad Hughes                      G. Croft, A. Cottle

Mixed Triples                            A.Jones, J. Barker, R. Lewi            P. Cutts,  D. Hopkins, K. O'Shea

Bert Rich Pairs                             P. Sweet, K. Cutts                              Gerad Hughes, Gavin Hughes

Shirley Price Ladies Pairs            B. Brown, E Sweet                           P. Cutts, D. Hopkins

Gordon Poole Mixed Pairs          P. Cutts, K. Cutts                               A. Streetly, R. Palser

K. Rowlands Men's Pairs             P.Sweet, A. Cottle                              Gerad Hughes, Gavin Hughes

T. Jermin Men's 2- wood                  B. Evans                                                     S. Gethings

S. Davies/ M. James                         G. Croft                                                       S. Gethings
Novice Cup

Terran Rose Bowl                         A. Streetly                                                      D. Hopkins
Ladies 2-wood

A. Hooper mixed Handicap          R. Palser                                                         K. Cutts

Bronwen Jones Ladies                A. Streetly                                                       D. Hopkins
Club Champion

P.P. Williams Mens                  R. Lewis                                                            T. Price
Club Champion

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Short mat bowls

The season has sadly finished with two excellent finals days.
Congratulations to all the winners on some very close matches.

We have now started the short mat bowls every Tuesday evening starting at 6.30. Teams are selected on the night at 6 o'clock.
It is a social evening of fun with music  playing in the background.
Members pay £2 and non- members pay £3(£1 of which goes into a raffle on the night).

Why not come along and give it a try.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Finals Results

Winners Brecon Bowling Finals Weekend 1 September 2018

Ken Rowlands - Men’s Pairs Gerad Hughes, Gavin Hughes  A. Hooper - Mixed handicap – K. Cutts

S Davies/M James - Novice Cup – A. Cottle

Gordon Poole - Mixed Pairs – R. Palser, A. Streely

Shirley Price - Ladies Pairs – P. Cutts, D. Hopkins

T P Jermin - Men’s 2 Wood  -  S. Gethings

Bert Rich Pairs – Gavin Hughes, Gerad Hughes

Terran Rose - Ladies Two Wood – P. E.  Cutts

H G Richards - Rinks –E. Thomas, G. Croft, S. Gethings, A. Cottle

P P Williams - Men’s Club Champion – T. Price

Bronwen Jones - Ladies Champion – D. Hopkins

A.   Hawkes- Mixed Triples – P. Cutts, D. Hopkins, K. O’Shea

Municipal League Winners  -  Post Office

Frank Cootes Cup                -  Talgarth

Borough Cup                       -   Builth Wells

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Race Night

 Brecon Bowling Club is holding a "Race Night" evening and the details are below. Please come and support your club.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Mid Wales Ladies Final

Congratulation to Janet, Elaine and Debs on winning the 2 Wood Ladies triples against M.Price,W. Price and B. Morgan (Llandrindod).
In heavy rain making the green very slow, the Brecon ladies adapted to the green far better to the difficult playing conditions. The final score was Brecon 22 Llandrindod 12. This is the first time a Brecon Ladies has won a major Ladies competition.
Thanks to the Brecon bowlers who came and supported the ladies.

                Well done ladies again

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Mid Wales men V Mid Wales Women

On Saturday 6th August Mid Wales men played a game against Mid Wales women at Brecon Bowls Club. It was a good contest with the men winning 4 rinks, the women winning 1 rink and one was a draw. A good day was had by all in a lovely atmosphere. After the game a very nice meal was put on by the women of Brecon which was enjoyed by everyone.

          Well done everyone on a great day

Mid Wales Women's 2 wood Triples

Brecon Ladies (Janet Anthony, Elaine Sweet, Debs Hopkins) have won their semi-final game against Carno. They now play in the final against  Llandrindod (Y Norton, W Price and B Morgan) on Saturday afternoon at Hay.

                Good luck to you girls from Brecon bowlers.